April 16, 2008

New Science Center in 2010!

Last week we finally got the money we needed to build a bigger and better Science Center here in Tromsø! We received 50 million Norwegian Kroner from a local fund called RDA, and that is enough to start the process of extending our Planetarium building to 3-4 times its present size.

It is a dream come true! Imagine being a part of the process of building a science center from scratch. The workload will be on the heavy side, but what a fun workload it will be.

The building has to be designed to our needs, and fit the architecture of the building we have. I want a building worth visiting because of its architecture too! The drawing above is not necessarily the design we will go for, but it gives an idea of what we are talking about. Most of the building will be hidden underground, the ground is rather steep at the location.

How do we want the rooms? Which floor will work best? What about storage space? Laboratories? Public areas? Definitely, a decent coffee shop! (all campus will come running for a real cup of coffee!) A shop crammed with geek toys!

We will definitely need consultatation from other science centers - what to do and what not to do?

And we have to start planning for real which hands on exhibits we want, fitting into our four major topics.

Our topics are

The skies above
Climate and weather
Energy and the environment
Fisheries, hunting and fish farming

We also want the classical stuff, like the Beornouli-blower (did I spell it correctly?) and the pendulum - every science center need those.

We have lots of ideas on how to make our science center unique. I do not want the feeling I sometimes get at other science centers - that they lack an idea and a soul, they've just bought lots of installations and scattered them around in a rather sterile environment. I guess I am looking at them with my Science Center goggles on, always looking for ideas and inspiration for our own science center.

So, if you have any ideas you wish to share with me, send me a note!

Two years to plan and build. It will be frustrating. I am sure we will have to compromize between what we want and what we can afford. But it will be fun, anyway! Imagine, building a Science Center from scratch! We are doing it, finally!


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