June 14, 2007

Horror show

Nature is harsh! The last couple of days there has been a dramatic reduction of the number of chicken in the nest. From the original seven, they dropped to six, then five and the third day there were only four young ones.

What has happened to the dead ones has been an enigma. I saw one chicken being carried out by a parent, and the day after I was able to catch on film an even more bizarre episode. As the day before, one of the parents tried to bring a dead chicken outside, but was unable to get it out. After a long fight to succeed, it gave up and tilted the dead one back into the nest. And apparently it then started eating from it. If you want to see this for yourself, you can find the movie here.

Warning; may not be suitable for sensitive adults - kids seem to cope with this in a more natural way! (According to my 7 year old son who was with me when this happened, calling me a sissy!)


Jose said...

cool blog.

Mona Holmø said...

Thank you, Jose! :)

Rob Burke said...

Yikes - that's really harsh! But probably a good lesson for the kids to learn (if explained gently!!) This is far better than reality TV; you had no idea what drama you were going to catch when you set this exhibit up.