May 22, 2007

Life in a nest box

There has been major changes in our nest box since I last wrote about it. A few days after we had put it up in the tree, we had to do some changes. The battery supply turned out to be unsufficient, and we had supply the camera with a wired supply instead. When doing this, we discovered a nest in the box, and got both excited and worried. Would our fixin' make the birds leave the nest? But luckily, the birds stayed and we got great images from the tiny home. It was a couple of Great Tits (I can't believe I just wrote that!) that had settled down at our humble extension of the Planetarium.

Ok, this was May 9th. One week later we discovered the first eggs, and right now there are eight of them. One bird stays with the eggs almost constantly, while the other one brings food to the nesting one. According to experts we can expect hatching after 13-17 days, which means at the end of the month or early June. Exciting days ahead!


Paul wilson said...

Ahh, that was good that you didn't manage to disturb the birds. We had a box last year and the parent birds nearly deserted the young. We then got a Nest box camera . My wife and I now can look at the birds without rink of disturbing them. Great blog, can't wait to hear about the birds.

Mona Holmø said...

Thank you, Paul! :)
I hope my recent update justifies your curiosity! I live and breathe with the birds myself - I never expected I would become so involved in this project. My colleagues and I are like proud grannies, bragging about our grandchildren whenever we can!

Anonymous said...

We know that the parent birds carry away the baby feces in 'poop sacks' but wonder how and by whom 'poop sacks' are made.

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