April 15, 2007

Dig a hole to China, or?

It is a known fact that if you dig a hole straight down, you will end up in China. It is something we have learnt as children all over the western world, I believe. Without the hard labour, and not considering the melted magma you have to fight when crossing the core of earth, you can check this fact with this cool application made by Stienman/Micro Basics.
Considering that 70 % of the earth surface is covered with oceans, it might not come as a surprise that you will find it hard to hit land wherever you start digging. Only small parts of the landmasses are placed opposite land, like the southern part of South America and South-East Asia. If you start digging from Tromsø, where I live, you would end up midsea between South America, Australia and Antarctica. Very far from China! So who started this myth, anyway?


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